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♥ when modesty takes over ♥
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Eid Mubarak everyone :)
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summer-light-starry-night: 12, 13, 14, and 15 :D

12.fav tea is definitely Moroccan mint <3

13. a random thing about myself is that I feel awkward playing any ball game :D

14.The situation in Gaza makes me really sad,i wish there was something major i could do to stop the violence,only thing i can do at the the moment is pray for the heartbreaking situation to calm down.

15.Loud music makes me happy,so does a fresh hot pizza or the sea <3

Question 3 goes to you :) xx

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prodigious-serendipity: Fav random things ?:)

Coconut water

Walking barefoot on grass


same question goes to you :) <3

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For the love of Abaya’s.✨ And for the love of Ramadan nights.🌙
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Be a queen.